How to complete Fortnite Syndicate Stage 3

Fortnite Syndicate Stage 3 presents a thrilling series of challenges that promise enticing rewards for players to claim. To successfully conquer this stage, players must face three distinctive challenges.

Steps to complete Fortnite Syndicate Stage 3

  1. Survive Storm Phases with an Epic Weapon:To meet this challenge, players need to secure an epic weapon, which can be discovered in chests, floor loot, supply drops, or crafted using the required materials. Armed with the epic weapon, players must remain vigilant during storm phases, wherein the storm progressively shrinks, forcing players into a smaller area. To survive, players must ensure they are in the safe zone before the next storm phase commences. Taking cover is crucial during storm phases, as staying exposed to the storm will inflict damage. Utilizing buildings, trees, or other objects as cover is advisable to evade harm.
  2. Equip the Sensor Backpack:The Sensor Backpack, an invaluable asset, can be found in chests, floor loot, and supply drops. Equipping it requires players to open the Inventory menu (by pressing the I key), then drag the Sensor Backpack to the Equipment slot, situated third from the left. Once equipped, the Sensor Backpack emits a distinct red light, revealing the presence of enemies within a specific radius. This red circle around the character indicates the sensor backpack’s range.
  3. Collect 3 Area Scans from Research Equipment:To complete this challenge, players must locate Research Equipment scattered across the map, often found in small buildings or open areas. Interacting with the Research Equipment initiates a scanning process that takes a few seconds. Upon completion, players receive valuable Area Scans. Each Research Equipment allows players to collect up to 3 Area Scans. However, caution is paramount while collecting these scans, as players risk losing any collected scans if they are eliminated during the process.
Fortnite Syndicate Stage 3

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Reward for completing Fortnite Syndicate Stage 3

The grand reward for conquering Fortnite Syndicate Stage 3 is the coveted Syndicate Back Bling—a stylish black and red backpack featuring the iconic Syndicate logo. This rare cosmetic item adds a touch of flair to players’ characters, though it does not offer any unique abilities or effects.

To obtain the Syndicate Back Bling, players must successfully navigate and overcome each challenge within Stage 3. Once achieved, the exclusive Syndicate Back Bling becomes a distinguished addition to players’ Fortnite inventory, setting them apart as skilled adventurers who have proven their mettle in the game.


Go ahead, accept challenges and claim the syndicate back bling as a symbol of your victory in fortnite syndicate stage 3. Your journey awaits, filled with excitement and the promise of remarkable rewards.

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