Pokemon Go Halloween: How to get Greavard and Houndstone in Pokemon Go

Greavard is a ghost-type Pokemon that was introduced to Pokemon Go on 19 October 2023 as a part of Halloween 2023 part 1. Greavard is a small canine Pokemon that has a candle on its head. Here are all the details on how to get Greavard and Houndstone in Pokemon Go.

How to get Greavard in Pokemon Go

There are two ways to get a Greavard in Pokemon Go

Complete the Halloween Timed Research: The Halloween Timed Research is a series of tasks that rewards for its completion. If you complete the first three tasks of this research you will be rewarded an encounter with Greavard.

Defeat Greavard in a three-star raid: In a three-star raid event Greavard appears as a raid boss. If you battle with Greavard and defeat it you can capture it.

So far Greavard is available as a raid boss in the Halloween event 2023.

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How to get Houndstone in Pokemon GO

So far there is no direct way to get Houndstone in Pokemon Go, you can get a Houndstone by evolving Greavard.

Steps to evolve Greavard into Houndstone.

1. Catch multiple Greavard you can find them in the Halloween 2023 event.

2. Collect Greavard Candy by catching Greavard.

3. Once you collect 50 Greavard candies you can evolve Greavard into Houndstone.


To earn more Greavard candies, You can use Pinap Berries because Pinap Barries double the amount of Greavard candy you earn by catching a Pokemon.

You can also make Greavard a buddy Pokemon and explore the game world with it to acquire candies Once you have collected 50 Greavard candies you can evolve Greavard to Houndstone.

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