Pokemon Go Halloween: How to get Zorua in Pokemon Go

Zorua is a dark-type Pokemon in Pokemon Go from the Unova region. It can disguise itself as other Pokemon so it is called as the “illusion Fox”. This is one of the hardest Pokemon to find in the game. Encounter with this Pokemon is very rare. Special events like Halloween can be a greater chance to catch Zorua in Pokemon Go. Here is how to get Zorua in Pokemon Go and how to get Zoroak in Pokemon Go.

How to get Zorua in Pokemon Go

Halloween event 2023 is going on and Zorua will appear more frequently in the wild during part II of this event. This Tricky Fox Pokemon will appear in the event from October 26, 2023, to October 31, 2023.

If you complete the Trick or Treat-themed timed Research available in the Halloween 2023 part II you can get encounters with Zorua.

Zorua can disguise itself as your buddy Pokemon. While you are exploring the game with your buddy Pokemon be careful of duplicates of your buddy Pokemon because they could be a Zorua. To identify the Zorua easily you should make a Shiny Pokemon your buddy Pokemon or other Pokemon that does not appear often in the game.

By using a unique Pokemon as a buddy Pokemon you can distinguish Zorua from other Pokemon.

You should make a Legendary, Shiny, Shadow, or Purified Pokemon your Buddy to identify Zorua easily.

Even after its encounter, Zorua doesn’t stop disguise so you must capture it to know whether it is a Zorua or other wild Pokemon.

Can we get a Shiny Zorua in Pokemon Go?

You get Zorua of the Shiny variant. Shiny Zorua was not available in the game but it will be available in the Halloween event from October 26, 2023.

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How to get Zoroark in Pokemon Go


You can get a Zoroak in Pokemon Go by evolving Zorua.To evolve Zorua into a Zoroak you have to feed it 50 Zorua Candy.

To get more Candy you can make Zorua your buddy Pokemon and explore the game with it.

If you don’t have a Zorua, this can be the best time to capture a Zorua in Pokemon Go.

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