Is Metallica the Next Fortnite Festival Artist? Exciting Update

The upcoming season of Fortnite Festival is set to launch on Thursday, June 13. As part of this transition, Billie Eilish and her associated pass will be removed from the game, making way for a new featured artist. With just six days remaining until the debut of Season 4, there are already strong indications about the next artist.

Epic Games, the developer behind Fortnite, recently released a teaser for the forthcoming Festival season, sparking excitement among fans. It seems that the leaked roadmap is indeed accurate, suggesting that the next featured artist will be a well-known metal band.

On Thursday night, Epic Games hinted at the inclusion of Metallica in the next season of Fortnite Festival. The company released a straightforward teaser, featuring the game mode’s logo set against a yellow background. Notably, this background is identical to the one Metallica used for their latest album, “72 Seasons.”

Released in April 2023, Metallica’s album “72 Seasons” is expected to be featured in Season 4 of Fortnite Festival. Although Epic Games has yet to officially announce Metallica as the next Festival artist, the strong hints have fans eagerly anticipating the reveal. Official confirmation is likely to come only on the final day of the current Festival season.

Metallica has previously collaborated with Epic Games, making a significant impact with their popular “Master of Puppets” emote. Additionally, Chapter 5 Season 3 saw the introduction of a Metallica-themed skin, along with a Jam Track featuring the band. With the launch of the new season, fans can anticipate even more Jam Tracks and cosmetics, including at least two new skins.

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