Minecraft Probably Chests: Add Security to Minecraft Storage

Probably Chests is a mod in Minecraft that adds a variety of new chests like mimics, pet mimics, pots, keys, locks, etc. to the game. This mod also adds a number of new features to existing chests such as the ability to spawn hostile mobs when they are opened.  Minecraft  Probably Chests is a great mod for players who are looking for a new challenge. It is compatible with Minecraft versions 1.16.5 and up.

Features of Minecraft Probably Chests

Mimics: Mimics are chests that can attack players when they are opened. They are dangerous but rewarding also. They can drop valuable loot.

To tame a mimic you will need to feed a golden apple to the mimic. Once the mimic is tamed it will become a pet mimic.

Pet Mimics: Pet mimics are tameable mimics that follow players and store items. They are a great way to carry extra loot and protect players from the enemy mobs.

Pots: These are decorative blocks players can find loot by breaking them. They are a great way to find some extra loot. Pots can be found in villages, dungeons, and other structures.

There are 4 types of pots

Normal, Lush, Sandstone and Molten

Keys: Keys are used to open chests. Locked chests contain valuable loot, players can get those loot by using keys.

There are 5 types of keys

Iron: It can be used to unlock iron locks

Gold: It can be used to unlock golden locks

Void: Can be used to unlock void locks

Suspicious: When it it is used on a chest it becomes a secret mimic.

Friendly: When the player uses it on a wild mimic or a chest the chest becomes a friendly pet mimic.

Locks: Players can place a lock on chests to protect them from being opened without a key. This is a great way to protect valuable loot from thieves.

There are 3 types of locks

Iron: It can lock any chest

Gold: It can be used to lock Gold chests.

Void: It can be used to lock void chests.

Minecraft Probably chests new updates

minecraft probably chest

The latest update for the Minecraft Probably Chests was released on January 17, 2023. A variety of new features are included in this update like

New mimic types: There are 3 new mimics added in Minecraft probably chests those are the Crab Mimic, the slime mimic, and the Ghast mimic.

Crab mimic: This mimic looks like a regular chest, but when a player opens it, it will transform into a crab. Crab mimics are not very strong but they can be dangerous if you are not aware of it.

Slime mimic: This mimic looks like a regular chest, but when you open it, it turns into a slime. Slime mimics are not very strong, but they can be dangerous if you are not careful.

Ghast mimic: This mimic also looks like a regular mimic, but when you open it, it transforms into a ghast. Ghast mimics are very dangerous they can kill you if you are not ready.

All three of these mimics can be found in chests and dungeons. They can be spawned by a mimic spawn egg.

New loot tables: The loot tables for chests and mimics have been updated now which can include a wide variety of items.

Bug fixes: A number of bugs have been fixed. It also fixed the bug due to which the chests were not opening properly.

Key crafting: There are two ways to get keys you can find them from chests or you can craft the key yourself. This feature will help the players to craft their keys on their own. To craft a key you need 1 Iron Ingot.

Chest crafting: There are two ways to get chests, either you can craft the chest yourself or you can get it from chests. To craft a chest you need 8 Wood Planks and 2 Iron Ingots.

How to install Minecraft Probably Chests

You can install Minecraft Probably chests you can follow the steps below

  1. Download the Probably Chests mod from the CurseForge.com 
  2. Extract the contents of the zip file to a folder on your PC
  3. Open the Minecraft launcher and click on the Mod tab.
  4. Click the Add Mod button and select the Probably Chests Mod file.
  5. Click the Done button and start Minecraft.

Once Minecraft starts you can find Probably Chests in the Mods menu. You can enable and disable it according to your choice.


Minecraft Probably Chests is a great mod that adds a lot of security to Minecraft Storage. If you want to protect your items from other players and you want to add some challenges to your games, then you should try this.

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