Minecraft strategies for survival

For many years, Minecraft has been a very famous game. The game has a beautiful randomly created
world where you can have pets and build a house and a farm. But Minecraft’s world is pretty dangerous because it’s full of zombies, creepers, and other monsters that will attack you. Besides these, the game has a lot of bosses, such as Warden, Ender Dragon, Wither, Elder Guardian, and more. These bosses have huge health bars and can do a lot of damage. Check out these Minecraft tips and tricks to help you stay alive against the dangerous mobs and dangerous parts of the world.

So, guys basically in this article I am explaining some Minecraft strategies for survival. well let’s

Zombie-proof your base and Collect lava buckets


Zombies can break down your door and attack your base in Minecraft. To protect your base, you can
build your door one block higher which won’t allow zombies to enter. Besides these, you can build a fence around your base as they cannot break walls.

Make sure you always carry some empty buckets to collect lava and bring it back to your base. In case you don’t have any pots, you can always come back to the same spot to collect lava.

Wear a pumpkin head to protect yourself


There is more to wearing a pumpkin on your head than meets the eye. In Minecraft, endermen will not attack you even after you attack if you have a pumpkin head. The pumpkin technically prevents you from making eye contact with endermen, who often assault anyone who does. Donning a pumpkin may come in rather handy while battling the Ender Dragon, one of the hardest bosses in Minecraft, and in locations where there are hostile creatures.

At mining time Carry a bucket of Water

Even while mining is a necessary activity to locate rare resources, it may be very risky. Lava will appear
as you mine more below the surface; it will seep through fissures and kill you instantaneously. Nothing will remain on your character, including any tools, armor, or weapons. Make sure you always have a bucket of water with you to prevent this. Pouring a bucket of water over any lava that is approaching you will immediately put it out of its misery.

Build a Crafting Table

The first thing you should do is to make a crafting table for yourself. You’ll need to assault a tree to collect some Woodblocks in order to do this. With clicks on the PC mouse(left button) or pressing the right trigger on the console controller (Xbox), a player will obtain wood which is known as one of the basic resources. Probably fifteen or more snappy throws, in the tree’s direction, should be able to break the log and help the player pick it up. Don’t harm or remove any flowering seeds from the overhanging leaves structure blocks. They will be trees in the future, in their development phases.

Make a Shelter to Make It Through the Night

At the beginning of the game, and if you haven’t chosen the Peaceful option, you’ll be rather weak right away.

It shall be close to dusk when you will start to hear it playing. Once the sun rolls down, gremlins, zombies and many more will come after you from all around. This means that you will be able to learn how it works by constructing Minecraft houses.

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