Pokémon GO all Disguises of Ditto for January 2024

In the dynamic world of Pokémon GO, the elusive Ditto keeps trainers on their toes with its ever-changing disguises. This shape-shifting Pokémon, adored by fans across the Pokémon franchise, brings an element of surprise to the mobile gaming experience. Unlike other Pokémon that appear on the map, Ditto lurks in the shadows, taking on the form of various Pokémon. Catching a Ditto requires a strategic approach, as it hides behind nine different disguises, each with its own unique charm.

What are the Disguises of Ditto

Ditto’s repertoire of disguises underwent a significant transformation in December 2023, introducing a fresh set of Pokémon from Generations 1 to 7. The initial set, present for nine months, made way for new additions during the Adamant Time event on December 11th, 2023. The current list of Ditto disguises includes:

  1. Oddish (Generation 1 – Kanto)
  2. Koffing (Generation 1 – Kanto)
  3. Rhyhorn (Generation 1 – Kanto)
  4. Goldeen (Generation 1 – Kanto)
  5. Numel (Generation 3 – Hoenn)
  6. Bidoof (Generation 4 – Sinnoh)
  7. Solosis (Generation 5 – Unova)
  8. Bergmite (Generation 6 – Kalos)
  9. Stufful (Generation 7 – Alola)

Among these disguises, Oddish and Bidoof emerge as the most common, offering trainers the best chances of discovering Ditto in their quest.

The Shiny Factor

Pokémon GO all Disguises of Ditto

Trainers must exercise caution, as Ditto’s allure extends even to Shiny Pokémon. While reliable leakers like Leek Duck hint at Cottonee being a potential Ditto disguise, this claim requires further research. It’s crucial to note that if a disguised Pokémon is Shiny, it won’t be Ditto. Shiny Dittos cleverly mimic regular Pokémon, adding an extra layer of challenge for those seeking the elusive purple blob.

Catching Strategy

Catching a Ditto demands a combination of luck and a keen eye. Trainers increase their odds by capturing multiple versions of the Pokémon on Ditto’s disguise list. The ever-changing nature of Ditto’s disguises keeps the gameplay experience fresh and engaging, encouraging trainers to stay vigilant and adaptable.


Ditto’s role as a master of disguise adds an exciting twist to the Pokémon GO experience. As trainers embark on the quest to capture this lovable purple blob, they must stay informed about the current disguises and remain open to surprises. With each successful catch, the thrill of unmasking Ditto as it reveals itself from its various disguises makes the journey in Pokémon GO all the more memorable and unpredictable.

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