Pokémon GO Lunar New Year 2024: Global Challenges, and Exciting Bonuses

The Pokémon GO Lunar New Year has arrived, and 2024 marks the Year of the Dragon! Pokémon GO’s Lunar New Year 2024 event is set to feature the debut of Drampa, increased Lucky odds during Trading, an elevated chance to become Lucky Friends and a generous supply of Candy for special throws.

In addition to these exciting bonuses, Trainers will join forces to complete the global Lunar New Year 2024 Global Challenge, unlocking new Pokémon in Wild Encounters and Raid Battles. Brace yourselves, as this event spans from February 5, 2024, to February 11, 2024, where every throw contributes to the Global Challenge!

Pokemon to debut during Pokémon GO Lunar New Year 2024

Drampa, the Placid Pokémon with Normal and Dragon typing makes its Pokémon GO debut. It can be shiny and is a unique addition to the Alola region, considered a counterpart to the Turtonator. Drampa has a distinctive white and green coloration, with its shiny variant sporting an orange/brown toned gold.

Featured Pokémon in the Wild

  • The following Pokémon will appear more frequently in the wild:
  • Magikarp, Dratini, Shuckle, Fennekin, Skrelp, and Noibat.
  • Some Trainers may even encounter Jangmo-o.


Pokémon appearing in Raids during the event include Dratini, Deino, Goomy (1-Star Raids), and Druddigon, Turtonator, Drampa (3-Star Raids).

Field Research

Pokémon available as encounter rewards from Field Research tasks include Trapinch, Dratini, Swablu, Gible, Darumaka, Druddigon, Deino, Skrelp, Tyrunt, Goomy, Turtonator, and Drampa.

Pokémon GO Lunar New Year 2024

Paid Timed Research

For $2.00, Trainers can access event-exclusive Timed Research with rewards such as Stardust, XP, Lucky Eggs, and encounters with event-themed Pokémon. Tickets can be purchased and gifted to friends with a Friendship level of Great Friends or higher.

Lunar New Year 2024 Global Challenge

A Global Challenge will unfold during the Lunar New Year event. Trainers worldwide will collaborate to throw 1,000,000,000 Nice Throws, unlocking bonuses for all Trainers to enjoy. Festive fireworks will illuminate the skies as part of the Global Challenge rewards!

Global Challenge Rewards: Featured Attacks

Evolve certain Pokémon during the event to obtain Pokémon with featured attacks. The specific Pokémon and their typings (Ground, Fairy, Dragon, and Normal) will be revealed upon unlocking the global challenge.

Global Challenge Rewards: Wild Encounters

Once unlocked, additional currently unknown Pokémon will appear in the wild. Six of these Pokémon can be shiny, while one cannot.

Global Challenge Rewards: Raids

Unlocking the global challenge introduces new Pokémon in raids, with Tier One Raids featuring a mystery Pokémon that cannot be shiny and Tier Three Raids presenting a mystery Pokémon that can be shiny.

Pokemon GO Taken Treasure: Rare Pokemon to Catch


  • Drampa Debut:
    • Drampa, the Placid Pokémon, will make its Pokémon GO debut and can be shiny.
  • Trade:
    • Increased chance for Lucky Pokémon in trades.
    • Increased chance to become Lucky Friends.
  • Candy:
    • Additional Candy for successfully catching Pokémon with Nice Throws, Great Throws, and Excellent Throws.
  • Candy XL:
    • Increased chance for Trainers level 31 and up to receive Candy XL for successful throws.

Celebrate the Lunar New Year in Pokémon GO and embark on this thrilling adventure filled with unique Pokémon, challenges, and global collaboration!

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