Pokemon GO Taken Treasure: Rare Pokemon to Catch

The Pokémon GO community is abuzz with excitement as the Taken Treasure event takes center stage in January 2024, offering players a chance to capture some of the game’s rarest monsters. From the highly anticipated Shadow Ho-Oh to the debutant Varoom, trainers can enhance their collections through raids, egg hatching, and research breakthroughs. This article provides an in-depth guide on obtaining more than five rare Pokémon during this limited-time event.

Rare Pokemon to Catch

1. Shadow Ho-Oh:

The pinnacle of the Taken Treasure event is the introduction of Shadow Ho-Oh and its shiny variant through five-star Shadow Raids. Trainers aiming to capture this dual Flying and Fire-type Pokémon should assemble a raid party proficient in Rock-type attacks. A strategic selection of monsters with moves like Smack Down, Rock Slide, and Water Gun will be crucial in defeating this legendary creature.

Shadow Ho-Oh

To ensure success, players are advised to stock up on Max Revives and collaborate with friends for a coordinated takedown.

2. Tyranitar:


As a Pseudo-Legendary Pokémon, Tyranitar takes the spotlight in three-star raids during the Taken Treasure event. Trainers seeking this powerful Rock and Dark-type creature should prepare counters with moves such as Counter, Focus Blast, and Sacred Sword. Recognizing Tyranitar’s weaknesses to Fighting, Bug, Fairy, Grass, Ground, Steel, and Water-type moves is essential for a successful raid.

3. Varoom:


Making its debut in Pokémon GO, Varoom is a dual Steel and Poison-type Pokémon. To capture Varoom, players must hatch 12 KM Eggs during the Taken Treasure event. Utilizing various in-game methods such as spinning PokéStops, activating Adventure Sync, and opening Gifts will help obtain these special eggs. Once hatched, Varoom can be evolved into Revavroom by spending 50 Pokémon Candy.

4. Shadow Kyogre:

The formidable Team GO Rocket leader, Giovanni, makes a return, bringing with him the powerful Shadow Kyogre. To acquire this rare Pokémon, players must defeat Giovanni by using Electric and Grass-type counters. Mega Sceptile, Roserade, and Zekrom are among the recommended choices to take down this water-type behemoth.

Shadow Kyogre

To initiate the encounter with Giovanni, players need to complete the Seasonal Special Research story and receive a Super Rocket Radar.

5. Pawniard:

Closing the list is the elusive Pawniard, last seen during the GO Fest 2023 Global event. Hatching from 12 KM Pokémon Eggs during the Taken Treasure event, trainers have the chance to add this rare Pokémon to their collection. To expedite the hatching process, incubating multiple eggs simultaneously is recommended.



The Taken Treasure event in Pokémon GO offers a unique opportunity for trainers to capture rare and coveted Pokémon. From the majestic Shadow Ho-Oh to the debutant Varoom, players can embark on raids, hatch special eggs, and complete research breakthroughs to enhance their collections. As the event unfolds, trainers should strategize, collaborate with fellow players, and make the most of this limited-time opportunity to catch ’em all.

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