7 Most Anticipated Pokemon for Pokemon GO in 2024

The upcoming year in Pokemon GO holds exciting potential for new Pokemon.

Predicting Niantic's plans for 2024 is challenging, but hints from various internet sources are generating anticipation.

Unofficial information, though not absolute, provides insights, and hopes are pinned on accurate data mines.

Anticipated Pokemon for Pokemon GO in 2024

Type: Steel and Psychic Charged Move: Meteor Mash Expected Stats (if unchanged): Max CP: 5,552 CP Attack: 300 Defense: 289 Stamina: 190

Mega Metagross:

Type: Steel and Fighting Expected Stats: Max CP: 4,325 CP Attack: 310 Defense: 175 Stamina: 172

Mega Lucario:

Max CP: 7,690 CP Attack: 426 Defense: 229 Stamina: 235,

Mega Mewtwo Y 

Max CP: 7,339 CP Attack: 412 Defense: 222 Stamina: 235

Mega Mewtwo X 

Types: Dragon and Ice Black Kyurem Stats (expected): Max CP: 5,206 CP Attack: 310 Defense: 183 Stamina: 245

Black Kyurem

White Kyurem expected to have similar stats

White Kyurem 

Notable Moves: Water Shuriken and Hydro Cannon Considered one of the strongest Water-type attackers

Ash Greninja: