The Best Free Fortnite Skins for Every Player

Blue Striker is a simple but fashionable skin that is available to all gamers. The outfit is blue and black, with a mask and goggles.

Blue Striker

Brite Bomber is a popular female skin with bright colours and a cheerful expression. All gamers who have linked their Epic Games account to Twitch Prime can access it.

Brite Bomber

The Visitor is a mysterious skin available as part of the Season 4 Battle Pass. It is a purple and black colour scheme robotic extraterrestrial.

The Visitor

Chrome Punk is a new skin that debuted in Chapter 3 Season 4 of the game. It is a chrome-finished futuristic skin.

Chrome Punk

Vivi Chroma is a skin accessible to PlayStation Plus members. It's a brightly coloured skin with a neon look.

Vivi Chroma

Guff is a green dinosaur skin that debuted during Winterfest 2022. It is a favourite of younger players.


Ragnarok is a Season 5 Battle Pass tier 100 skin. It's a Viking warrior,  with a long beard and a combat axe.