top 7 best landing spots in fortnite chapter 5 season 2

Choosing the appropriate landing spot is important for obtaining an early advantage and winning the Victory Royale.  

– Central location with Grand Station – Troublesome NPC boss Valerie removed, Poseidon added as new NPC – Offers hiring or trading with Poseidon for Gold Bar

Reckless Railways 


– Quietest of the new landing spots, furthest out – High chance of god chests, home to Are – Opportunity to move towards Mount Olympus after eliminating enemie

Brawler’s Battleground 


– Visually appealing, with vineyards and orchard – Previously had NPC boss Nisha, now removed

Fencing Fields 


– Central location, home to Cerberu – Offers Cerberus’ Gatekeeper Shotgun Mythic – Less busy than other locations, strong loot potential

Grim Gate 


– Similar to Mount Olympus, with its own challenges and reward – Home to Hades, offers Mythic Hades’ Harbinger SMG – Complex layout, potential for chaotic gunfight

The Underworld 


– Central location, formerly Ruined Reel – Ample loot, strong loadout potential – Ideal for rotating to other areas like Fencing Field

Restored Reels


– Newly added POI for Season 2 – Features many normal chests and 15 rare Olympus chest – Can challenge Zeus for Mythic weapon and Medallion – Central location, less chaotic layout

Mount Olympus