best minecraft mods in april 2024

– Adds a plethora of new biomes to both the Overworld and Nether, along with new items, blocks, and colors for added variety.

Biomes O’Plenty __________________


– Extends Nether Fortresses into grand, multi-floor structures with castle-like main buildings and underground Lava Halls.

YUNG’s Better  Fortresses __________________


– Adds a new dimension with dungeons, mythical creatures, and more, accessed through a special portal.

Twilight Forest __________________


– Introduces a terrifying Cave Dweller mob that stalks players in caves, signaled by spooky sounds growing more intense as it approaches.

Cave Dweller __________________


– Replaces villagers with uniquely named NPCs, allowing players to build relationships, ask them to follow, carry out tasks, and even marry them.

Minecraft Comes Alive __________________


– Adds numerous new mobs, items, and biomes to Minecraft, including snails, hamsters, seahorses, angler fish, and ants.

Spawn __________________


– Inspired by Doctor Who, these hostile mobs are angel statues that come to life and teleport players if they turn their backs on them.

Weeping Angels __________________


– Introduces a new terrifying mob reminiscent of Herobrine, requiring players to remain silent to avoid its attacks.

The Silence __________________