Fortnite Job Boards: Where to Find Them

In Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3, Job Boards are a new way to earn gold bars.

Job Board

They are used to complete quest jobs, such as a challenge in the Grade 2 questline.

Job Boards have replaced the iconic Bounty Boards in Battle Royale gaming, and they give gold bars for completing brief tasks.

These boards can be found across the Chapter 4 Season 3 map, including most named destinations and POIs (excluding Rumble Ruins).

where to find them

Because their locations are not frequently highlighted on the mini-map, players can easily locate a Job Board by roaming near a POI.

If you're having trouble finding a Job Board, you can use the map supplied by FortniteGG, which shows all of the locations where Job Boards can be found.

To use a Job Board, land at one of the specified spots on the map, and the board will be displayed and accessible for fulfilling tasks.

How to use