pokémon go dragonite best moveset

Dragonite's Move Options in Pokémon GO: Fast Attacks: 3 options Charged Attacks: 5 options Legacy Charged Attacks: 2 options

Moveset __________________

Dragon Breath - 6 damage [Dragon-type] Dragon Tail - 15 damage [Dragon-type] Steel Wing - 11 damage [Steel-type]

Fast Attacks __________________

Dragon Claw - 50 damage [Dragon-type] Hurricane - 110 damage [Flying-type] Hyper Beam - 150 damage [Normal-type]

Charged Attacks __________________

Outrage - 110 damage [Dragon-type] Draco Meteor - 150 damage [Dragon-type]

Draco Meteor - 180 damage [Dragon-type] Dragon Pulse - 108 damage [Dragon-type]

 Legacy Charged Attacks __________________

Players should choose moves based on their opponent's weaknesses and strengths.

Best Moveset for Dragonite in Pokémon Go: Fast move: Dragon Tail Charged move 1: Draco Meteor Charged move 2 (optional): Hurricane or Superpower

Dragon Tail as the fast move and Draco Meteor as the charged move provide powerful same-type attack bonuses (STAB).

Dragon Tail deals moderate damage and generates energy quickly. Draco Meteor deals a large amount of damage but lowers Dragonite's Attack stat, which is compensated by its high base Attack.

Additional charged moves like Hurricane can counter rock-type Pokémon, while Superpower can counter steel-type and rock-type Pokémon.