Pokemon GO Festival of Lights: New Pokemon Debut and Exclusive Rewards

Pokemon Go has announced a new event that will add two monsters from Generation 9.

Event Start Date and Time: November 7 at 10:00 AM local time Event End Date and Time: November 12 at 8:00 PM local time

Tadbulb and Bellibolt from the Scarlet and Violet series

New Pokemon Debut __________________

12 Pokemon will appear more frequently in the wild Includes shiny Morelull, which is making its debut in Pokemon GO

Shiny Morelull debut _____________________

Double Stardust and Candy for hatching Pokemon during the Festival of Lights event

Rewards __________________

Participating in Timed Research focused on catching and hatching Pokemon will reward trainers with: An exclusive shirt for their avatars Encounters with event-themed Pokemon

Completing Field Research tasks will reward trainers with encounters with: Darumaka Morelull Tadbulb

7 km eggs will hatch: Elekid Magby Morelull Dedenne

Egg hatch __________________

Players in India will receive exclusive bonuses during the event