Pokemon Go Halloween Part 2: Five Rare Pokemon to Catch

Part 2 of the Pokemon  Go Halloween event is starting on 26 October 2023 and will run until November 1.

Halloween Part 2 __________________

This event will feature some Pokemon with new costumes, exciting bonuses, and rare shiny encounters.

Here are 5 rare Pokemon that players can catch during Halloween Part 2.

This is a Dragon/Flying-type Pokemon. The spawn rate of this Pokemon can be high during this event.

Noibat __________________

This is a rare Pokemon of Fire-type it has a higher spawn rate during this event and this can be shiny

Fennekin __________________

Piplup is another starter who will make a special entry to the event. This Pokemon will appear wearing a Halloween costume during the event.

Piplup __________________

In general spoting a Zorua is difficult because it disguises as your body Pokemon. For the first time, It will be available as a shiny during this event.

Zorua __________________

Gengar is a ghost-type Pokemon and the best addition to your PvP squad. This Pokemon will also be available during this event.

Gengar __________________