Pokemon Go Harvest Festival: Complete Guide to the Event

image credit: Pokemon GO

Pokemon Go Harvest festival will take place on 12th October 2023 at 10 AM and end on 17th October 2023 at 8 PM

Start Date 

 Many challenges and Bonus are there In this special event, Some new Pokemon will debut in the game.

Some Pokemon will appear in the wild more frequently 

A new grass-type Pokemon called Smoliv will make its debut in Pokemon Go. It can be evolved to its successors Dolliv and Arvoliva

New pokemon dubut

There will be also a Harvest festival-themed field research players will get Pokemons after completing this.

Field Research

 Players can purchase this from the in-game shop which costs $5 USD. Upon completion player will get access to encounters with Pumpkaboo and Mossy Lure Module

Paid Research

There will be a Harvest Festival Collection Challenge, players will receive XP, Stardust, and Mossy Luke Modules after completing this challenge.

Collection challenge