Pokemon GO New Year's Event

Here is everything  you need to know about Pokemon GO New Year's Event

New Year's Event (Limited Time: January 1 to January 3, 2024) 

Duration __________________

Features new costumed Pokémon: Jigglypuff and Wigglytuff, both sporting ribbons. 

New pokemon  _________________

Gen 5 Pokémon Darumaka will be heavily featured in Field Research Tasks and increased encounters in the wild.

Special raids and encounters with Pokémon wearing fun costumes.

Best baby Pokémon will hatch from 7km Eggs collected during the event. Each region will have its own exclusive Five-Star Raid Pokémon:

Exclusive Pokémon and  Raids:  _________________

Great opportunity to catch some of the rarest shinies in Pokémon GO.

 Egg Hatch Distances halved or even quartered for those using the Pokémon GO Egg hatching widget.