Pokémon Go Spotlight Hour November 2023 Schedule: Catch shiny Pokemon with Double Bonuses!

During Spotlight Hour Trainers can catch various featured Pokemons and earn bonus rewards for this.

The Pokemon Go spotlight hour November 2023 schedule is here.

It will take place every Tuesday from 6.00 PM to 7.00 pm local time

Time __________________

Featured Pokémon - Chinchou Bonus - Double transfer Candy

November 7 __________________

Featured Pokémon - Buneary Bonus - Double evolving XP

November 14 __________________

Featured Pokémon - Dunsparce Bonus - Double catch Stardust

November 21 __________________

Featured Pokémon - Lechonk Bonus - Double catch XP

November 28 __________________

All of the Pokemon featured in this event can be shiny. 

Shiny Pokemon __________________