Pokemon Go Pumpkaboo Best Moveset

Pumpkaboo is a Ghost and grass-type Pokemon. it is a pumpkin-like Pokemon with a curved face.


Pumpkaboo is a common Pokemon in Pokemon Go. it can be found in the wild, in eggs, and as a reward.

Pumpkaboo can be evolved into Gourgeist with 200 Pumpkaboo candy.

There are 5 moves in Pumpkaboo's armory and the attributes of these moves are Ghost, Grass, and Dark-type.


Among the 5 moves, two are fast moves, and the 3 are Charged moves.

Grass Knot (Grass) (STAB) Shadow Sneak (Ghost) (STAB) Foul Play (Dark)

Charged Moves

Razor Leaf (Grass) (STAB) Astonish (Ghost) (STAB)

Fast Move

The best moveset of Pumpkaboo are Razor Leaf and Grass Knot  with an 8.91 DPS rate