Pokemon Go: Some New Pokemon Will Debut During Upcoming Events

According to a leaked content roadmap, some new Pokemon will debut in Pokemon Go in upcoming events.

Here is the List of upcoming events and expected months and dates.

-Keldeo Elite Raids (December) -Falling Stars event (December 5) -Holiday Event Part 1 (December 15)

-Holiday event part 2 (December 23) -Community Day (December 16 - 17) -Ultra Beast event (January 2024) -Vanillite Community Day (January 2024)

Pokemon to debut in Pokemon Go during these events are.

New pokemon ________________

Minior will debut during the Falling Stars event

Minior ________________

Cetoddle, Cetitan, and Shiny Cryogonal will debut during Holiday Event Part 1

Two pokemons Stakataka and Blacephalon will debut during the event called Ultra Beast.