Popular Female Fortnite Characters 

image credit xox

Playable character in Fortnite released in Chapter 2 Season 1 Features her classic custome with a red and black jester outfit a mallet and a baseball bat

image credit fortniteinsider

Harley Quinn

Features her classic blue bodysuit, re star  and blonde hair. Comes with a black bling resembling her Binary form and pickaxe resembling her photon blasters.

image credit 4nite

Captain Marvel

This Playable character released in Chapter 2 Season 7. Features her signature ponytail and cat ears wearing a pink outfit. 

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Ariana Grande

This skin released in Chapter 3 Season 2 of Fortnite.Features a cat girl appearance with a black hair, cat ears and a tail.

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This female skin released in Chapter 1 Season 9 of Fortnite. Casual look with a black tank top , blue jeans, and sneakers.

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Female skin released in Chapter 3 Season 2. Jananese inspired appearance with long black hair. Comes with a back bling called the K.O. tag.

image credit fortniteinsider