Super Mario Bros. Wonder: What is The Elephant Suit

Super Mario Bros.Wonder is a new video game released on 20 October 2023.

It is a power-up in the video game Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Elephant suit __________________

It gives elephant abilities to players. The player's character can swing their trunk.

The player's character can take down enemies from a distance without going close to enemies.

If the source is nearby they can also spray them with water.

They can also sprinkle water on withered flowers will give back life to flowers and after blooming flowers can release Coins and Wonder Coins

To get an Elephant Suit players must find and consume a power-up called Elephant Fruit.

How to get __________________

Once they consume Elephant Fruit player's character will transform into an Elephant.

It is available on several levels of the game. You will be happy to know that it is available in the first level of the game.

Elephant fruit __________________