Payday 3: The Most Significant Improvements Over Payday 2

In comparison to Payday 2, Payday 3 offers a variety of upgrades, including greater player movement, gunplay, stealth, casing mode mechanics, and adversary and civilian AI. 

Due to Payday 3's use of the Unreal Engine 5, it has much improved visuals over its predecessor.

Graphics and physics

Player mobility has been increased in Payday 3, allowing for more efficient sprinting, climbing, and jumping. 

Player mobility

Compared to Payday 2, the gunplay in Payday 3 is better, with weapons feeling more potent and responsive.

Better gunplay

 Compared to Payday 2, stealth is more practical in Payday 3. While players have more tools at their disposal for avoiding detection, enemies have better AI.

Smoother stealth

Players can identify critical targets, discover enemy patrol patterns, and organise their attack accordingly by using Casing Mode to scout out heists before trying them.

Casing mode

Civilians will now react more realistically to the player's actions, and enemies will be more difficult to outsmart.

Civilian and enemy AI